Golf is a natural activity for corporate events. Even employees who have never golfed before will look forward to getting out of the office and setting foot on the track. This takes place in a beautiful setting, where your employees can have a social break and enjoy fresh air.

The golf structure is perfect for creative team building. Each shot requires some planning and skill – just like a sales call or business meeting. A golf instructor can teach most of the technique needed, but something is also about going after the gut feeling, taking chances and beating the ball where it falls.

The course as a source of motivation.
When employees begin to feel safe on the golf course, you have a great opportunity to work on challenges that strengthen the company’s goals. Groups can be created where one with good technique learns away, to those with less good technique. This can be seen as an exercise in leadership and learning. Employees share knowledge, inspire each other and work as a team along the way.

We recommend premiere the tournaments. As the goal is positive and fun, it is beneficial to keep the prices humorous and achievable for bad golfers – like worst driver, most improved, least-improved and best golfing equipment.