Project Description

Gallery Thore Sveberg

In the center of Kragerø, between the church and the library you will find Thore Sveberg. The gallery opened for the first time on September 10, 2011 after encouragement from family, friends and acquaintances. Today you can find the works of Thore Sveberg at exhibitions around Norway and Europe, but primarily in the heart of Kragerø.

“Throughout my life I have always had an inner turmoil that either struck out in workaholics or alcohol abuse. This inner turmoil meant that I had a time in mental imbalance. and was admitted to the psychiatric ward.
During my stay there opened up an opportunity for me to find back a soulful balance in that I suddenly started painting myself.
In Amsterdam, meeting with Van Gogh’s paintings and his explosive creative power was of great importance to me. His great production in the few years he was allowed to create, gave me the power and faith to paint myself. “

Thore Sveberg

For me, the most important thing is that I get to paint, but nice is also that others seem to find something in what I’m painting!