Project Description


Vamp on Kragerø Resort Beach Club

Vamp belongs to the elite of Norwegian music life. They have developed a special expression in the meeting between music and poetry that has hit the Norwegian folk soul. As the weather in the west is full of contrasts; from the violent and dramatic to the warm and fervent. Throughout 26 years, they have recorded 10 studio albums, released 14 albums in total and reaped much honor and honor. They have sold well over 1 million records and received, among other things, 5 Spellemann prizes and Prøysenprisen.

Welcome to the Norwegian archipelago idyll at Kragerø Resort Beach Club. Here you can enjoy long hot summer days with swimming, beach volleyball, kayaking, good food and drinks.
The beach club is in close proximity to the archipelago. Here we have good places for visitors for visitors, both for overnight stays and day trips. During the summer months, it will be a varied and exciting summer program.

The doors open: approx: 17:30 – Main artist: approx: 19:00
Duration: about 90 minutes without a break
Kiosk, food, beer / wine